Can I audit my required language course?2018-11-08T13:52:30-04:00
    • Graduate SPE students may audit required language classes. Contact ifp@newschool.edu for details.
    • Undergraduate students cannot audit classes, they will need to register for these classes on their own for-credit.
    • Non-SPE graduate students will need to register through their home division.
    • Non-new school students will need to register and pay on their own, either through TNS, or through another means.
    • If you are fluent in the required language, you are exempt from the language course requirement.
How do I know if my health insurance covers me while I’m abroad?2018-12-05T13:12:22-04:00

For New School students, the New School’s health insurance (Aetna) covers international travel to all 2019 IFP sites with the exception of Cuba. Individuals participating in the Cuba IFP will have to make the necessary health insurance accommodations with their FCC.

For those not under the New School health insurance, please check with your provider about international coverage. Many health insurance plans only cover you in the event of an emergency. The New School recommends that students whose personal health plans provide inadequate coverage while studying abroad strongly consider purchasing a travel insurance plan to ensure they are more adequately covered in the event of an accident or sickness related event while studying abroad.

Please see the Study Abroad office’s document on purchasing International Health Insurance for more details.

Which vaccinations do I need and where do I get them?2018-11-08T13:54:11-04:00

For all relevant vaccine information, please visit the Center for Disease Control website.

For information about health insurance, check out the Travel Insurance and Renter’s Insurance page on our website.

Can my spouse/family/partner/friend come with me on the IFP?2018-11-08T13:56:33-04:00

While GPIA recommends students participate in their IFP alone, so they can focus on internships, projects and academic work, we understand that in some cases you will be accompanied by loved ones. In that case, you will have to arrange and pay for your own housing. You are still expected to participate in all IFP obligations – internship, lectures, activities, etc. Spouses, friends, etc, will not be allowed to participate in IFP field trips, seminars, or other activities.

Are students from outside The New School eligible?2018-11-08T13:55:10-04:00

Yes, the IFP is now open to not only to graduate and undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) at The New School, but particular sites are also accepting students from outside universities. Please visit the pages of all the country sites to find out which countries you qualify to apply.

Is there a form that a doctor needs to fill out in order to confirm that I’m fit to travel, or just a general note?2018-11-08T13:55:18-04:00

Students need to submit a general note from their doctor stating that, after a physical examination, the student is cleared to travel abroad. A general template can be found here.

What is the IFP Program Fee for?2018-11-08T13:55:25-04:00

The program fee covers a number of different costs that makes running the IFP possible. The fee finances IFP housing, collaboration with the organizations with whom students will work, funds any excursions students take, as well as materials students receive while on their IFP.

Is an essay required for each of the two countries or just one essay for the whole application?2018-11-08T13:56:05-04:00

Applicants need to submit one essay per country to which he/she/they are applying. The essays should include:

  • Your reasons for wanting to participate in that particular IFP site; what relevant experience or coursework draws you to spend the summer in that country?
  • What prior experiences (research, internships, community service, travel, extracurricular activities, etc.) have you had that make you a strong candidate?
  • What you expect to gain from the experience and how the IFP fits into your future studies and goals.
Can I use the same application to apply to more than one IFP program or should each program be applied to separately?2018-11-08T13:56:14-04:00

Please apply to all programs by filling out the online application only once. However, you must submit a separate essay for each country to which you are applying.

Will there be a make-up session for those who cannot attend the IFP Information Sessions?2018-09-10T12:17:37-04:00

Unfortunately, we will not be holding make-up information sessions. If you cannot attend the session, read up on the individual country sites. If you have additional questions or more specific questions, please send an email to ifp@newschool.edu. Students interested in the IFP are also encouraged to check out past IFP programs and are encouraged to talk with past IFP participants. Please do not contact the country coordinator.

If you still have pending questions not addressed here or on the IFP webpage, please send an email to ifp@newschool.edu